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Online Ordering Receiving Orders

Accept orders in many ways

Fax & Email Notifications

Don’t have internet at your store? No problem! Orders can be faxed or emailed to you immediately after they’re placed. Some might say fax is “old-school,” but our technology is not. We use the best faxing technology and have built-in alerts if any fax orders fail. We’ve got you covered.



Auto Print

Auto Print runs on any standard computer and automatically prints orders to a desktop or thermal receipt printer without the push of a button! You can set Auto Print to be silent, or have it ring when an order is received. If an order gets jammed in the printer, no worries! Auto Print can alert you. Set it up within minutes and start watching orders pour in.



IP Printer

IP Printer is short for Internet Protocol Printer, but enough of the geek speak. If you have a thermal receipt printer with Ethernet capability, we can send an order directly to it, with a little magic. Just kidding, not really but it is simple to setup and our team can always help.



Point of Sale

We can send an order directly into your POS system. The order ticket will automatically display on your POS software and print out in the kitchen. It’s like having a virtual waiter who never sleeps. Please contact our team to see which POS systems we’re compatible with.



Order Dashboard

View your incoming orders in real time on an online dashboard. You can see all past and present orders and confirm them with your customers all from online. Gain more control and never lose sight.



360° Monitoring

We’re bent on your success and never want to see you miss an order. Automated alerts will send to you if an order was never received at your store. Our team is also monitoring your orders around the clock. Rest assured that we’ve got your orders covered.



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